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FHL-Capital currently has 2 investment proposals for the consideration of its prospective clients:

(A) Equity Investment & Management

There are many excellent business enterprises in Singapore, managed and majority owned by entrepreneurial Singapore families. Over the years, many of these companies have grown in size and successfully expanded their business beyong Singapore. FHL Capital strives to create better awareness among our clients of such Singapore businesses, in the hope of creating mutual business benefits and thus encouraging direct or indirect investment into each other businesses. When opportunities arises, we would also marry businesses via joint venture arrangement, strategic partnership or equity investment.

(B) Real Estate Investment & Management

A lot of regional wealthy business families see long term value in Singapore real estate sector. However, most of their real estate investment in Singapore is disorganized and lacks a long term coherent strategy. FHL Capital strives to assist our clients in mapping out a long term investment stratety with regards to their real estate investment in Singapore.

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