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FHL-Capital is an Exempt Fund Manager and Exempt Financial Advisor. The investment objective is to achieve long–term risk adjusted capital gains through Asian equities. This is achieved by buying well-run good businesses that are priced below their intrinsic values and exploit the price differentials between companies in the same industry by taking long positions in the undervalued which have significant potential for appreciation. commenced its Fund Management and Financial Advisory business in late 2008 as an Exempt Financial Advisor (EFA) and Exempt Fund Manager (EFM). The company was founded by Joseph Teo and specialized in value equity investment, commercial real estate investment, structured and customized investment for global customers, particularly in Singapore and from the South East Asia region.

With benefits of hind sight, the timing of its business start-up could not be better as the global equity markets began their recoveries in Apr 2009. Thereafter, FHL Capital began to lay foundation for its longer term business goals. It identified ICI (Indonesia, China, India) as its key markets, with Indonesia as the near term target market.

In early 2013, FHL Capital becomes a Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) and Exempt Financial Advisor under the revised regulatory regime of  Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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